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Justin Gilbert Alba


One of the Best Political Podcasts in the Game Is Centered Around Comic Books

Welcome to PodFodder, where I talk to the people behind podcasts about why they created their podcasts. Yeah. Cool. Let's get into it. Today's PodFodder features Justin Alba and Kat Vendetti from ComicsVerse, and they're here to talk about the site's podcasts.

Diversity in Comics: What's Been Done and What Needs to Come

Diversity and representation. Many claim it's a recent hot topic, a push from fans and critics alike to portray individuals who aren't simply white. There are some who argue - and in minor instances they may be right - that inclusion is simply a cash grab.

Honoring ComicsVerse's CEO: An Interview with Justin Alba - ComicsVerse

April 15 marks the birthday of ComicsVerse's CEO and Founder, Justin Gilbert Alba. While the folks at ComicsVerse are already aware of Justin's generosity, wisdom, and impeccable leadership, we believe the rest of the world should also know how lucky we are to have him.

How Comics Saved My Life: An Open Letter

When people ask why I started ComicsVerse, my response is always simple. I started ComicsVerse to help people because comics saved my life. Comics made me who I am today; more than any other form of media, more than film or TV, more than traditional literature, more than fine art.